With a short title of “/r/HelloInternet reckoned you’d like this: a ‘Space Force’ seal concept”, reddit user karanut made it to the front page by creating a beautiful seal for the United States Space Force.

The United States Space Force (USSF) is a proposed sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces intended to have control over military operations in outer space. It would absorb the operations and duties of the Air Force Space Command, a major command of the United States Air Force that currently handles and supports most of the country’s military operations in space.

It fits in very well with the other US military flags what with the bald eagle being present. I really like it.

Edit: just noticed the small white stars, a reference to the original thirteen colonies no doubt.


While another user had something very simple yet obvious to point out.

This is a beautiful flag


As of yet, the United States Space Force doesn’t have a seal and still needs to go through a thorough process to create one. 

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