Can we harness the power of a black hole to produce thrust for a vehicle to travel through interstellar space? Theoretical physicists and engineers would like to think that we can.

The black hole starship is explained in a documentary on Magellantv. In theory, a massive space complex would beam Gamma Rays into a central array which would create a mini black hole.

The documentary is a great resource for deeper knowledge into this subject and at only 12 minutes long, it’s not a snoozer.

The optimal size for this black hole is 6 trillionths of a meter or 6 attometers and would have 1 million tons of mass. It would be fed small amounts of mass through the flight in order to regulate the energy that it gives off.

This black hole would be able to last centuries, pushing itself and a spacecraft through long duration space flight.

In one theory, the back of the craft would harbor a gamma ray laser that would push it through the void of space.

Can we harness the power of black holes?

Via Wikipedia: A black hole starship is a theoretical idea for enabling interstellar travel by propelling a starship by using a black hole as the energy source. The concept was first discussed in science fiction, notably in the book Imperial Earth by Arthur C. Clarke, and in the work of Charles Sheffield, in which energy extracted from a Kerr-Newman black hole is described as powering the rocket engines in the story “Killing Vector” (1978).

In a more detailed analysis, a proposal to create an artificial black hole and using a parabolic reflector to reflect its Hawking radiation was discussed in 2009 by Louis Crane and Shawn Westmoreland. Their conclusion was that it was on the edge of possibility, but that quantum gravity effects that are presently unknown will either make it easier, or make it impossible. Similar concepts were also sketched out by Bolonkin.

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